18" LDPE Traffic Cones w/3lb Base

SKU: 16018-L-HIWB-3

Lime green traffic cone is 18 In. in height and has a total weight of 3 lbs. ± ¼ lb. Stem of the cone is molded from LDPE to provide superior cold/hot weather performance, excellent 100% UV resistance/color retention, and superior impact performance. Base of the cone is molded from recyclable rubber and makes up 80% of the total weight. Dimensions of the base are 15 ¾ In. × 15 ¾ In.. The cone base is removable so that the stem can be replaced if either part becomes damaged. The cone base will lock onto the cone stem with molded-in locking lugs. The stem of the cone is designed with recessed areas for reflective collars and a groove near the top of the cone for easy gription. Tipping angle of the cone is no less than 76 from vertical. The entire Enviro-Cone product, cone stem and base, is made in the USA.

  • No more soft and droopy cones in hot weather. The Enviro-Cone stands tall and vertical in the hottest road conditions.
  • Manufactured from low density polyethylene, the Enviro-Cone provides superior cold weather performance. No cracking or breaking down to -25F.
  • Quality 3M reflective collars assure superior performance in low light and nighttime conditions.
  • Excellent “gription” for quick deployment and retrieval
  • Provides long term durability and color retention through the use of ultraviolet stabilizers and low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • 80% recycled by weight and can be recycled again

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