MX3 Hydration Testing Kit

Type: Hydration

The MX3 LAB, test strips and app work together to provide a seamless, on-the-go version of lab testing and results. Test for hydration several times a day or as needed, and track changes and results over time.


Use the MX3 LAB anytime, anywhere. Simply take a quick saliva or sweat sample on the field or in the locker room.


MX3 is scientifically proven to measure biomarkers from saliva as accurately as a laboratory osmometer.


Your hydration level is recorded within seconds of taking a saliva measurement, and results immediately upload to your app.


The LAB can be used over and over by one person or entire teams. Just replace the disposable test strip after each measurement.


Test strips load easily into the LAB, and saliva measurements are made by simply placing the strip on the tip of the tongue.


The LAB can be used with or without Bluetooth or Internet access. Measurements can be taken anytime for immediate readings, then stored for later upload.


Flexible Structure

The MX3 Portal lets you easily sort your organization into groups and split groups into teams. Assign key personnel to groups and teams to ensure hydration data is available when and where it’s needed.



MX3 hydration measurements push automatically to the MX3 mobile app, available free for iOS or Android. The Dashboard gives an instant overview of hydration scores of the whole team or a breakdown of each group.

For Trainers

View the breakdown of personal hydration scores in 4 categories over selected period of time (6h, 12h, 24h and custom), graph of last 15 measurements at a glance, and add personal details and baseline (optimal hydration zone) measurements for each athlete.


Hydration measurements upload from the LAB to the app as an icon that makes it easy to understand hydration levels. Customize with your baseline levels and activity notes.

By Athlete

Categorize athletes by trainer/coach, and initiate measurements for already entered athletes.


Easy-to-read reports with customized filters give an overview of hydration scores across the whole team/group, and the history of past measurements across the whole team/group.

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Customization Options

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