Twin Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s) Webbed

by GWP
SKU: SRL121132T

6’ twin retractable web, lightweight plastic housing, external shock-absorber, 3/4” double locking snap hook, 1/2” carabiner included. Min breaking strength 3000 lbs. Rated up to 420 lbs. Meets ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class A.

Key Features


  • Lightest available SRL in its range/class.
  • Robust & durable plastic casting.
  • Technora Webbing with Energy absorber.
  • Swivel steel double locking snap hook at attachment end


An overhead anchor point should always be used when available. When an overhead anchor point is unavailable, the recommended anchor point should be no greater than 2’ below the dorsal D-ring. When the available anchor point is greater than 2’ below the dorsal D-ring, a Palmer Safety Leading Edge SRL should be used.


6 ft. (Maximum)


Material: Technora webbing 13/16”
Minimum Breaking Strength: 4500 lbs


Static Strength: 3000 lbs. for 1 minute.
Dynamic Strength: 300 lbs. mass subjected to a 4’ free fall. SRD lock and remain lock until released.
Dynamic Performance: 282 lbs. mass subjected to a zero free fall with extension of 36” webbing. Breaking force less than 1800 lbs. and arrest distance less than 24”.


1.84 lbs. ± 0.02 lbs.

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